We live in Interesting Times

We Live in Interesting Times

The elders of the Stoneridge church of Christ have been monitoring the coronavirus CoVid-19 situation closely and have been considering the impacts on our congregation. After much discussion and consideration of all the information we have available to us, we have decided that it would be most prudent to cancel services at the building for the next 2 weeks. The situation will be reevaluated at that time.

However, this does not mean that we have no responsibility to God. In that regard, the following arrangements have been made.

  • Arrangements have been made to live-stream a lesson from Brother Dick Blackford at 11 AM
  • Arrangements to participate in communion have also been made. Individual portions will be available at the building from 4 PM to 6 PM Saturday 3/21/2020 for anyone who wishes to come pick t hem up. Brother Blackford has agreed to be there at those times (ring doorbell if you do not see him). During the live stream presentation, those who are present assisting with operations will partake of the Lord Supper, lead prayers, etc.
  • Contributions should be set aside and held until we next meet, or may be mailed to the church.
  • Arrangements are being made to live stream a short lesson Wednesday evening.
  • Members are being notified via email as well as this update on the website and on Facebook.  Please spread the word to be sure that everyone is aware of these arrangements.

These decisions have not been arrived at easily. Much discussion and consideration for the spiritual and physical safety of our members has taken place. An article has been uploaded to the article section as well for those who have concerns about” Forsaking the Assembly.”  (


The Elders of the StoneRidge Church of Christ