Does that sound right to you--that God's leaders today should be bold?

Some folks think the word "bold" doesn't fit well with God's leaders. In fact, they think it doesn't fit well with Christianity itself! They think God's leaders, as well as all Christians, are supposed to be quiet and passive.

Yet, what do we find when we go to the Bible? We find leaders who were humble and lowly, yet were bold and aggressive at the same time. Do you want some examples?

I think first of Joshua and Caleb--two of the great leaders in Old Testament Israel! When ten spies brought back a bad report of the land (Numbers 13:31-33), Joshua and Caleb brought back a good report (Numbers 13:30). But it was more than a good report. It was bold and courageous and filled with faith. These men were boldly confident that Israel could succeed in doing what God told them to do.

I also like the story of Jethro when he counseled Moses (Exodus 18:13-27). He boldly told Moses that there was a much better way of managing the problems the people had. Up to that point, Moses tried to handle every problem by himself. It was more than Moses could deal with--and Jethro told him so. We might think Jethro was out of place in approaching God's chosen deliverer in that way. But it was not out of place. Jethro assured Moses that his advice was according to God's will (v. 19). And indeed it was so.

Boldness--not harshness or brashness--is needed among leaders in God's kingdom today. Would you agree?

Where does boldness come from for leaders in God's kingdom today?

It comes from faith and trust in God. That's what Joshua and Caleb had. They were bold because they believed God. They believed God would deliver Canaan into the hands of Israel. And they were right. And, ultimately God did exactly that.

Joshua! What an example of a bold leader! God was taking him into places where he had never been before. And, I don't just mean into the land of Canaan. I mean in respect to leadership. Because he demonstrated such bold faith in Numbers 13, God could use this man as a bold leader to take the land of Canaan.

I think the case of Joshua exemplifies growth in leadership qualities. Over the next 40 years he was honed to be the courageous leader who would lead the people into the Promised Land.

As they came to the land, God told Joshua to "be strong and of good courage" (Joshua 1:6-9). Joshua could do that. In fact, he had already demonstrated those leadership qualities a generation earlier. 

Are you honing your leadership skills?